TAKADA Asset Management

TAKADA Asset Management is a financial services company offering a range of advisory and transactional services across a diversity of  sectors including investment funds, M&A, mining, natural resources, business development, restructuring & corporate recovery and compliance.


Our Services

We are a multidisciplinary, multinational and multilingual asset management firm offering services in a number of specialised sectors


Oour services include Debt and equity financing, Research in relation to project funding, Permits, licences and regulatory compliance, Advising on technical aspects of projects, Closures, decommissioning and reclamation, Mergers, acquisitions and reverse take-overs, and  Stock exchange listings.

Oil & Gas 

Our Services include Development of energy projects, Project and |Utilitis Finance, Mergers and Takeover and Joint Ventures, Gas connection, shipping and storage, Mineral and gas exploration and production, Generation Networks and Storage projects and Upstream projects.


Services include: Establishing all kinds of investment funds, Redomiciliations, mergers and conversions, Legal, operational, administration and compliance issues, Advising investment managers, fund administrators and  custodians. Registration of funds.

Corporate Recovery

Services incldee: Restructuring and reorganisations, Debt and equity restructuring, ntercreditor arrangements and agreements, Financial restructuring, Distressed debt.

Legal Services

Services include: Sales & Marketing  Agreements, Commercial & Business Agreements, Company-related Agreements, IP Agreements and IT Agreements, Aviation Law, Aircraft Leasing and Registration of Aircraft.

Regulation & Compliance

Services include Outsourced and Interim AML/MLRO​​,  Bank Capital Assessment and Risk Profile (ICAAP)​​, Compliance Services for Insurance Managers​​ and Compliance Services for the ILS market.